WELCOME TO " Radhika Cashews "


CASHEW KERNELS Cashew kernels are white to yellowish nuts very rich in proteins, fats, vitamins, calcium, iron etc. They are highly nutritive, tasty nut characterized by easy digestibility. Cashew has 0% cholesterol.

PROCESS The processing of Raw Cashew nuts to finished Cashew Kernels is being carried out under atmost care to deliver complete satisfaction to the customers. The steam roasting ensures a clean and uniform heating of nuts so as to prevent breaking of Cashew Kernels. The drying in chamber ensures removal 100% moisture. Skilled peeling processors ensure availability of whole kernels. Our grading section sorts the cashew kernels so that you get the right value for the price you pay. It is possible to use the cashew shell oil cake as conventional boiler fuel. The oil cake is also a suitable feedstock for generating produces gas both for boiler and IC engines.

WORK FORCE Over 200 fully trained workers are working in our factory and are supervised under qualified supervisors.